Victor Frankenstein: Is It Worth Watching For?

After several terrible views we have read online, it seems that everybody is now ready to re-imagine the Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. 20th Century Fox production is about to release the most awaited American science fiction and horror film, Victor Frankenstein. In this movie you are going to witness the journey of two friends Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Igor and how much they motivate each other to press on for greater and even to the possible terrifying things.

Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), a radical scientist along with his assistant Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) are seriously sharing their noble vision to aid humanity by groundbreaking search and experimenting for immorality. Eventually, Igor noticed that that Victor has gone too far and have seen the possibility of worst outcome. He must have to do something to bring Victor back from his madness and save him from his monstrous creation. Apparently, their experiment went wrong which brings them trouble, chased by the living monster they have created and sought by the authorities. Their desperate moves in completing their goals to utilize science to bring back life from death, have eventually made them become fugitive.

Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

Based on the official trailer, it looks like Victor Frankenstein movie is more on Igor and Frankenstein’s friendship rather than a horror flick. We cannot simply judge movies based on what we used to see on trailers. Indeed we are not supposed to do that all the time. However, it seems like this movie is quite fun but not kind of fun as Radcliff and McAvoy in real life. The duo hit-up comic con to Victor Frankenstein, well they were really delightful.

Furthermore, the huge selling point of this certain Frankenstein adaptation is more likely to be bromancebetween Igor and Frankenstein through which Radcliffew and  McAvoy are leaning to that certain angle this year. If not so, well then, it probably is an interesting twist on more like classing pairing which actually does not exist in the original story of Mary Shelley’s novel since Igor Does not really exist in the novel.

Victor Frankenstein was slated originally for fall 2014and then early this year, and finally it is about to be seen on cinemas this November for the Thanksgiving weekend. It is been a couple of months since the first image of the said film was posted online. And now we are almost about to watch the full movie not only in cinemas but even on the internet. frankenstein


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